BA in Applied Psychology (2006)
Diploma (3 yrs.) in Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Counselling (2006)
Member of Canadian Professional Counsellors Association #2404
Owner/producer of Dance Divine (2009)
Group Facilitator
Graphic Designer
I'm passionate about re-aligning people with their Authentic & Higher Selves...

I'm not surprised that my professional life is all about the 'authentic self' now, considering my family of origin. I'm also not surprised that community is so important to me now, considering that I grew up on 3 continents, immigrated every 3 years and moved many times in between. I was not familiar with the feeling of home, internally or externally, but I was determined to find it.  I think of Dance Divine as being the flower that grew out of that wound. Bio.

In my late teens, when the pain levels were high, I came up with this analogy; I felt like a 'satellite', while others seemed to be 'planets'. I revolved anxiously around others while they seemed to hold a contented centre and attract things effortlessly. I concluded that if you have more 'mass', you have gravitational pull and things of lesser mass orbit around you. So I declared that I would become a planet and decided that I needed to build mass. And no, I did not actually know what I meant by that at the time, but somehow I intuitively understood it to be true. (Funny to learn many years later that the Authentic Self is also called the Core Self, or Solid this the 'mass' I wanted?)  Bio.

I figured the place to start was to figure out what I loved. Fortunately there have been some consistent threads in my life; music, design, psychology. Unfortunately I tortured myself well into my 30's with the presumption that one must choose something (as in, one thing). Thank God I let that go. I wasn't born to do one thing.   Bio.

In a way, that was also my obstacle to becoming a DJ. I wanted to DJ but could not picture myself playing in a club because I'd have to play only one genre! I wanted to play everything from Classical to House in one set but I had zero examples of that being done. So I just kept making countless mixed tapes for everybody's birthday.

Fast forward to 2006 when my friend dragged me (yes, I was resistant!) to a 5 Rhythms class where I experienced a powerful convergence of 3 alignments; 1) I found an embodiment practice where I could continue exploring the Authentic Self, 2) as a wannabe DJ, I found a real-life example of what I had been talking about all those years (!!!), and 3) it cemented my area of specialization as a counsellor and found a way to offer fantastic therapeutic bang for one's buck.  Bio.

When I reflect on what consistently caused my worst pain or errors, I can always trace it back to a disconnection from Self or Source. I am convinced that the body is our greatest ally when we want to reconnect with our Authentic Selves. I have experienced and facilitated the dynamic relationship between the body, mind and spirit, and no matter how much I may be fascinated by psychology and the intellect, I have never been as impressed, mystified, educated, healed and humbled as when the body, heart and spirit are invited to speak to us, through us.

This is the 'container' that I hold for you at Dance Divine, and in my counselling practice.  Bio.

As a conscious dance DJ, my goal is to tap into the profoundly therapeutic impact that music has on people. My greatest pleasure is to create inspired and cathartic music sets that bring people together and move them to their core. Pow.

I have been transformed by the practice of embodiment, by the experience of finding my purpose, by having what I am offering be received by the community, and by the love of the people with whom I now share my dance.

It is an honour to hold space for our collective journeys.

See you on the dance floor.