RETURN TO THE SELF - create a receptive, open state where we can cultivate personal awareness by putting our focus on our movements, breath and any sensory information and emotional currents that may be present. 

EXPRESS THE SELF- express authentically through movement that is personally unique and sourced in the present moment. Doing this can feel vulnerable and it requires the absence of judgment and self-consciousness. We hold non-judgemental space for each other by becoming embodied ourselves, by “getting out of our heads”. We use movement and breath as tools to achieve this, and it requires practice. 

RELEASE THE SELF - experience some form of transcendence, or “expanded sense of self’; something other than the ego-based identity that we commonly experience. 

Ritual, meditation, ceremony, etc. all aim for a similar shift in consciousness, and it can be achieved in part through a degree of ‘surrender’ - a relaxing of ego boundaries. Surrendering to the music, the movement, our hearts and to the spirit that moves us. 

So, Integral Consciousness, Embodied Authenticity and Transcendence. All 3 of these levels of experience are to some degree ‘non-ordinary states of consciousness’ because they are not primarily concerned with cognitive thought such as logic, reason, strategy, beliefs, etc. We practice accessing these 3 levels of experience so that we may shift into a more heart-centred, unguarded and expansive state, which is by many considered to be ‘therapeutic’. Going deeply and experiencing these things as a group can be very powerful, cathartic and bonding experiences.

Holding this kind of safe and sacred space requires that we practice a high degree of self-awareness around “inter-personal agendas”. Interpersonal agendas are sensed and can ‘pop us into our heads’ and out of our body-based awareness. We must practice personal integrity, as well as discern the difference between our ‘interpersonal agendas’ and the shared, interactive aspects of the dance that are vital to the enjoyment, the richness and the connection that we experience.