Transpersonal psychotherapy and counselling designed to re-aligning you with your Authentic and Higher Self. 

Sliding-scale fees: $70 to $90/hr. 


Have you ever been asked to adapt to a dysfunctional system? You know, a way of being or doing things that goes against your better judgment, your intuition and inner sense of justice…

Maybe that request came from your family, culture, government, religion, relationship or job? If so, what choices did/do you have when such big systems and such authoritative figures (teachers, priests, doctors, politicians, parents, etc.) require you to bend (or break) to meet their reality? Did you survive, adapt, and then get used to living in a dysfunctional system? Is it your ‘normal’ now? How does that feel?

What has that done to your inner knowing? You know, the part of you that knew all along that something was wrong. The part of you that “doesn’t buy it”, and never did. Do you silence it with rationalization and reason? Do you justify the discrepancy between your values and your choices, between your heart and your head, between your personal truth and someone else’s? How do you manage that inner conflict and it’s accompanying feelings, such as: anxiety, resentment, sadness, guilt, shame, powerlessness, doubt?

This inner conflict is often what brings us to therapy because we can no longer manage the anxiety; the cost of normalizing the abnormal. To arrive at this point –albeit painful – is good news. I firmly believe that becoming symptomatic in a dysfunctional system is a sign of health, not illness. What if your own system (your intuition, your feelings) is alerting you to the fact that you have been trained away from your senses and inner knowing, and the pain of being out of alignment (not living a life based on personal values) and being out of integrity (not living a life based on personal truth) is no longer an option for you?

Can you see it as a call to greater awareness, greater alignment, greater truth, so that you can serve a greater purpose (and yeah, feel better!)?

Unconventional Wisdom Counselling, as well as everything I produce through Dance Divine, is about helping you reconnect with your Authentic Self. It’s a body-based and transpersonal approach to ‘recalibrating your inner compass’ so that you can re-align with your core self and reconnect with your values, feelings, intuition and purpose.

This is my life’s work. I’ve lived it. I can help.

  • Personal, Spiritual, Creative, Professional Alignment
  • The Authentic Self vs. Pseudo Self/Ego
  • Embodiment issues such as intuition, feelings, senses, the subconscious
  • Depression, Spiritual/Existential Crisis
  • Assertiveness, Expression
  • Self-worth, Anxiety

In my practice I draw on Transpersonal Psychology, Gestalt Therapy, Person Centred Therapy, Experiential Therapy, Psychotherapy, Family Systems Theory, ACIM, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

I also draw on my own professional and personal experiences with embodiment, belonging, alignment, spirituality and depression.

  • Registered with Canadian Professional Counselling Association (RPC-C #2404)
  • Degree in Applied Psychology (2006)
  • Diploma (3yrs.) in Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Counselling (2006)
  • Produce Conscious Dance events (2009)
  • Workshop Producer & Facilitator

I do not work with people who are dealing with severe drug and alcohol addictions, violence or criminal issues or severe mental illness.

I do not work with minors and I do not prescribe or consult on medication.