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Want to host your own conscious dance events?

I can help!

Introduction to DJ-ing

Personalized, private tutoring sessions that cover:
1.) iTunes and Traktor software
2.) Traktor Kontrol S2
3.) Portable PA Systems
4.) Playlist creation, basic DJ skills (no samples or filters)

creative services
2hr. @ $95| 4 hrs @ $175 | 8 hrs. @ $350 (+ GST)

Music Library Starter Kits

Build your own music library! My top 10's, organized by genre or rhythm.

Genres: 10 artists per list/$10 each

Conscious Dance Music Starter Kit: 100 artist/$95 each

Please note: these are lists of artists, not the actual songs. Please support the artists and always buy your music.

creative services

Music samples....

Manual & Templates

A comprehensive operations manual that covers: the industry, event format, ethics and guidelines, facilitation, responsibilities, marketing, venue considerations, registration and administration, music (hardware and software), crew, sales, legal issues and altars.

+ The forms and templates you will need for your event production.

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Training & Consultation

Personalized training that focuses on your community, experience and aptitudes. Covers: the industry, event format, ethics & guidelines, facilitation, responsibilities, marketing, venue/studio considerations, registration & admin., music (hardware/software), crew, sales, legal issues, altars.

2hr. @ $150 | 4 hrs @ $275 | 8 hrs. @ $525 (+ GST)

creative services




Graphic Design +

Desktop Publishing


Small business solutions that make you and your company look good.

Company Image

Create a professional, cohesive company image!

Logo. Business Cards. Letterhead. Email Signatures. Intake or Feedback Forms. Contracts. Waivers. Invoices. Financial Statements. Manuals. Etc.


Need help with setting up a Mailchimp account?

Need help with creating some customized templates for your Newsletter? 

Promotional Materials

Attract the clients you want and share your gifts with the world!

Social media banners. Posts. Catalogues. Postcards. Ads. Brochures. Flyers. etc. 


Become self-sufficient and stay organized!

Mac OS. Adobe Creative Suite. Web. MS Office. Social Media Marketing. Editing.