Moving Meditation – New Class!

Moving Meditation Vancouver BC

People have been telling that they are craving a softer, slower “Yin” movement class so in December 2017 I launched a new Moving Meditation class. It’s a free-style conscious movement class. The music does not climb to the same peaks in tempo and intensity as the regular classes. It still fluctuates in tempo somewhat but the music does not ‘drive’ or push you. The focus is on inward listening, softening and permission to “do nothing”, if that’s what you need.

It is a space to do your own movement practice, like dance, stretching, yoga or chi-gong (and fusions thereof!). Some people find that it is helpful with creative writing as well, so feel free to bring you pen and paper. I also recommend it for working with injuries, through micro-movements and actively listening and responding to what the body needs.

The next Moving Meditation class will be in January, twice a month for now. Introductory drop-in rate of $13. Hope to see you there!