Friday 7 to 9 pm
Sliding-scale drop-in: $12 to $20

Lynn Wylie Yoga Studio
#202 - 1600 Bay Street
Victoria, BC

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My name is Elissa and I am the Dance Divine Licensee for Victoria.

My journey into movement began at the age of four, when I took my first dance class. Growing up in the dance studio, I studied many forms of dance, including ballet, jazz, tap and modern. After taking a break to have a family, I returned to dance - during my time away I realized I was missing a huge part of who I was. I started taking flamenco lessons and fell in love with the art form. It is filled with passion, drama and a raw emotional honesty I hadn’t found in other forms. Its challenges, musical complexity, and camaraderie are deeply satisfying and it continues to be one of my loves to this day. Over the years, I have explored many other forms, including authentic movement, contact improv, tai chi, yoga, and 5Rhythms. These practices have been crucial to the development of my vision and bringing my gifts to this world.

Although much of my dance life has been structured and formal, I have no desire to tell people how to move. I want to hold a space for people to discover, explore and practice how they feel called to move. We all have the ability to move and heal ourselves and the dance floor is a great place to reconnect with these powerful gifts.

As well as having formal dance training, I have always loved club dancing… the feel of the music in your body and being completely moved by it. It is one of the places I feel most alive… Nothing quite beats shakin’ it on the dance floor! And yet, I have often longed for a place for this kind of dancing that is outside of the club scene; a place free of drugs, alcohol and being hit on; a place that is filled with like-minded people who are there for the same reason: to dance! 

As a bodyworker, and lifetime dancer, I truly believe that the most powerful, deep and healing experiences come from within us. We do not need to be told how to do, move or be; we need to learn how to trust, listen and reconnect with our own intuition and Authentic Selves and move from that place forward through the world. It is through living from that place in which we truly shine, experience the greatest healing, and have the most impact on the world around us.

I look forward to sharing the dance floor with you, and appreciate the courage it takes to listen to that call or whisper inside your spirit to step out on the dance floor and just be!

For years now I have felt called to hold a space like this, and I am so happy to have found Dance Divine and the clear vision it shares of bringing this practice into our lives and communities!

Elissa Sampson 2015