A truly all-inclusive package that gives you the materials, license, training and support you need to produce Dance Divine events in your community. As a licensee you receive exclusive territories, those legendary playlists, a comprehensive operations manual, your marketing materials, templates/forms for day-to-day operations, one-on-one training and business mentorship.


The one-on-one training program focuses on your specific scenario; your community, your experience and your aptitudes. It includes a comprehensive operations manual that covers: the industry, event format, ethics & guidelines, facilitation, responsibilities, marketing, venue/studio considerations, registration & admin., music (hardware/software), crew, sales, legal issues, altars.

“Personal and professional alignment is key; not just to the success of any venture but to the degree of satisfaction you will experience from doing what you do. Your sense of satisfaction translates directly into how passionately you do it, how effortless your devotion feels, and how much joy you radiate when doing it. These qualities not only transform your own life, they become inspirational qualities for those around you, especially your participants.” - Jelena Marda

The Dance Divine licensing opportunities are open to people who:

  • want to produce Dance Divine events in their own communities
  • are 100% in alignment with the values and format of Dance Divine
  • are able to make a long-term contractual commitment
  • are currently connected to their local dance/movement community and/or have any interests or experiences in the fields of dance, dance- movement, authentic movement practices, moving meditations, somatic therapies, transpersonal psychology, gestalt work, contact improv, facilitation, humanistic studies, wellness
  • are motivated by integrity, community, embodiment, empowerment, alignment and entrepreneurship