In my counselling work I draw on
Transpersonal Psychology, Gestalt Therapy, Person Centred Therapy, Experiential Therapy, Family Systems Theory, ACIM and my own professional and personal experiences with embodiment, belonging, alignment, spirituality and depression.

  • Alignment (with personal, spiritual, creative, professional truth and values)
  • The Authentic Self (vs. Pseudo Self)
  • Embodiment (body wisdom, intuition, feelings/senses/emotions/subconscious mind)
  • Depression (including spiritual and existential crisis)
  • Purpose (personal, collective and spiritual)
  • Passion | Assertiveness | Expression
  • Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers (reclaiming sense of self/self-worth/self-esteem)
I work with people who are:
1.) wanting are striving for a fuller expression and experience of themselves
2.) committed to moving from darkness to light
3.) are seeking to understand how and where they belong
4.) seeking to fulfil function and make their contribution in the world
Qualifications and Experience:
1.) Diploma in Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Counselling (2006)
2.) BA in Applied Psychology (2006)
3.) Workshop and Group Therapy Facilitator
4.) Candidate Member with the CPCA
5.) 10+ yrs. experience in the field of conscious dance and personal growth workshops
I am not qualified to work with people who are:
1.) working with drug and alcohol addictions
2.) working with violence or criminal issues
3.) working with severe mental illness
4.) children or minors
Please note: I do not prescribe or consult on medication and I am not sex therapist.

  • broadened perspective on the “problem” and pain; perhaps there is a "function to the dysfunction"?
  • awareness about our “anxiety binding” behaviours and a reduction in acute and chronic anxiety
  • internal “space” to think new thoughts and make new choices amid anxiety and reactivity
  • regained sense of self-possession, or self-mastery, that is not about control but about active alignment with our values and visions
  • feeling supported in our process, and that it is safe to ask for help
  • awareness of belief systems and patterns
  • increased ability to love and nurture, accept and forgive our selves (and others)
  • increased ability to connect authentically with other people
  • access to inner resources and tools
  • embracing responsibility for our perspectives, interpretations, stories, beliefs, choices, (re)actions and freedom

"I started receiving counselling sessions from Jelena at a time when my life was looking perfect on paper, but my long lasting unfulfillment and inner pain was finally affecting my health on all levels. I knew I wasn't living the life I came here to live, but I didn't know how to move forward. I was feeling depleted. Jelena knew that healing my relationship with my inner sense of knowing would set things in motion, and help me slowly gain back my life force. Instead of following the well-rehearsed and draining narratives of my mind down the spiral, she helped me to become more present to myself, and the discomfort. Her approach to counselling gave me the keys to my psyche and my body, where, I would realize, all my answer lay. Her competence, sincerity, and integrity allowed me to safely descend without getting lost, and release what needs to be released to fully own my life and my gifts. Each session has been a co-creation, and strengthen my sense of self.  The biggest highlight for me was being seen, accepted, and respected at a level that brought so much healing to my entire system. She understands my needs, and create a space that is safe and effective for my growth. Our work together empowered me with the tools and the courage to see my truth, and take the necessary steps towards greater alignment. I wouldn't be exaggerating to say that a new me is coming into existence that I am falling in love with. I think of Jelena as an artist of the human psyche. She senses the landscape, the threads, patterns, and colors, then skilfully guides you towards a new creation that is your own. My hope is for more people to experience what she has to offer. This may just be the step you are looking for to restore more joy and fulfillment to your life."
Nihan Sevinc

“Jelena spoke with us at a time when we were searching for answers and unable to find them. We were both captivated by Jelena’s words and consider the time spent with her to be very much an education into the workings of our minds and the complex interactivity between us as a couple and two individuals. We both felt as though as our eyes had been opened by the information we learned and in a short amount of time we were able to make positive and lasting changes to our relationship. Of course, Rome wasn’t built in a day, but so many aspects of our relationship were improved that things have made a definite shift in a positive direction, and we now have new words and tools that have improved our communication to a great degree. I offer this testimonial without hesitation and would recommend Jelena to anyone looking for relationship advice or any other kind of counselling, her knowledge and manner combine to make a very productive experience, something I can’t say of my prior experiences with therapists of various kinds.”
N. Biggin

"The last couple years has been interesting but the love and support I received from you is still helping me. You are one of the few beings who has truly altered my life in the purest of ways."
Jordan David

"I highly recommend Jelena Marda's services. She has been an invaluable resource and support in my personal and professional life for the past 10 years. She has helped me move through the darkest times. She has an internal compass for always walking life with the deepest sense of integrity and heart-felt truth."
Melanie Requet

"My deepest gratitude goes to Jelena Marda with whom I have had the privilege of meeting on my journey of healing and self-discovery. She has provided for me a sacred space with gentle, loving and trustworthy support that has allowed me to go to places I never thought possible. Our time together has had such a profound impact on me in bringing balance to body, mind, heart and spirit. In my connection to self that she has helped me to reclaim, I have also formed a connection to a community of Heart. Thank-you sister! 
To anyone who may be interested, Jelena has beautiful gifts to share with this world and I recommend connecting with her"
Kelly Viggor

"I have known Jelena for almost three years now. Our friendship began when I started crewing for her at Dance Divine events. I was immediately taken by her generous, gracious persona and her warmth and openness towards others. She became my friend, my mentor, my support system and my source of inspiration. I have had many processing sessions with Jelena where her attentiveness, clarity and determination to stand by her values have propelled me on my own personal growth path.

I participated in her Introduction to the Embodiment workshop as an assistant and learnt a great deal about group facilitation and the ethics of holding space. I took the Dance Divine Licensee Training Program and became the Dance Divine Licensee for North Vancouver. Jelena's guidance during that intensive program and her support for me as a licensee have always been easily available and very personal.
Jelena's commitment to a greater vision and to her community has always been highly admirable. This woman is a creative power house who is driven by honesty, integrity and the highest morals, and knowing her has made me a better person."
Kristina Belkina