One-on-one tutoring sessions with Jelena of Dance Divine that cover: Introduction to iTunes and Traktor software, Introduction to Traktor Kontrol S2 DJ Controller, Portable PA Systems and Active/Passive Speakers, Playlist Creation, Basic DJ Skills and of course...Transitions.
(Please note: this course does not cover samples and filters)

2hr. @ $95| 4 hrs @ $175 | 8 hrs. @ $350 (+ GST)

This workshop is appropriate for people who want to:
1.) Optimize playback in iTunes and manage music files and folders like a pro!
2.) Get an introduction to Traktor DJ-ing software and hardware
3.) learn about PA systems and speakers and how it all hooks up!
4). Learn how to create playlists & transitions.
Qualifications and Experience:
1.) Owner, Producer/DJ of Dance Divine
2.) School of Remix (2012)
3.) In addition to DJ-ing weekly conscious dance events in Vancouver, I also play at weddings and produce/DJ annual New Years Eve dance parties since 2012
4.) Provide playlists for event producers
5.) Create custom playlists for special events
Provided in this workshop is the use of the following software and hardware:
1.) Traktor S2 Kontroller/Software
2.) Mac Book Pro Laptop (recommended that you bring your own) and iTunes Software
3.) QSC 1000W KW122 Self Powered (Active) Speakers
4.) Yamaha Stagepass 500W Portable PA System (Passive Speakers)