Below is a link to 3 recorded sets for you to stream, download and enjoy! Please read the statement below first…

I offer these sets to you so that you can get a sense of what I do, how the music sets are built, the range of genres and tempos that are used, the different flavour each set has and the overall wave-structure of every set.

These sets are here for promotional purposes. If you would like to download and use one of these sets for your own purposes, you may. For example, perhaps you want to test-drive your market with some trial/one-off events or you would like to use the set in one of your workshops, etc. That is ok with me.
What is ask is that you please credit Dance Divine in your marketing materials if you use one of my sets.

I put an average of 4 hours into the making of each set, and that does not include the time spent finding music. Then, when I perform them live, I record the sets. This adds another 2 hours to the total. If I make a boo boo during the recording, the recording is trashed and I have to re-record it another time (you can’t stop and start recordings), adding another 2 hours to the total.

What I want to impress upon you us that this is my art, my work and my reputation, and I put lots of heart and time goes into that.

I also take pride in buying every song I own and supporting the amazing musicians that put their heart and time into their craft, therefor I do not resell music and I do not sell these recordings. What I do sell to Independent Event Producers and my Dance Divine Licensees, are the playlists (a pdf of the list of songs). They then have to purchase the songs and arrange them, in iTunes for example, into the right order to re-create the set. If they have DJ skills, they can import those songs into their own DJ software and finesse their transitions.

On top of supporting the musicians, this also helps event producers to build up their own music libraries. These songs can then be organized into different folders to suit their own personal preferences and purposes. For example, I put all my “stillness” songs into one folder and play them while I am receiving a massage, or while falling asleep, or walking in the woods, etc.

Thank you for your support and consideration :-)