Come and recalibrate your “inner compass” as we luxuriate in a stunningly beautiful retreat in Tuscany, Italy! 

6 days | April 15 - 21, 2018 | $1390 to $1965 CND + GST per person 
tuition + accommodation * + gourmet meals & wine included | flights & transportation not included

(* Please note: rooms in the main house will fill up first, including 1 private room, 2 semi-private rooms, 6 double/triple/quad rooms.
There is a possibility of opening up additional overflow accommodation in the dorm (10 ppl) once the main house is full.)

$500 non-refundable deposit due upon registration | balance due by 12/01/2017

Private sessions with Jelena can be booked on April 21, 2018 @ $90 CND/hr + GST.

This is the first in a 3-level series of personal growth workshops that examine the theory and experience of Alignment and Authenticity.

In level 1
we look at how we are aligned with our core self: Are you being true to yourself? Do you listen to yourself? Do you believe yourself?

How can you tell whether you are in or out of alignment with you core self or core values? How do re-align yourself, and what stands in the way?

In this workshop we will use conscious movement, transpersonal psychology, music and group work to reconnect with our true selves, expand into new areas of movement, thought and feeling and reclaim rejected or neglected parts of self.
This workshop combines daily (2 -3 hrs.) teaching segments (theory + written exercises + Gestalt exercises + group sharing) and free-style movement labs where you integrate your experiences and practice what you are learning (1 hr. moving meditation + 2 hrs. conscious dance).

This workshop is great for people who:
1.) Want to reconnect with themselves
2.) want to explore authentic movement/conscious dance
3.) are feeling indecisive or insecure
4.) love good music, experience it as ‘medicine’
5.) want to reduce their anxiety levels
6.) are feeling flat, fake, resistant, disconnected
7.) are in their heads too much

We do this work so that:
1.) we can distinguish our authentic self from our ego

2.) there is congruence between who we are and
how we are

3.) we can overcome the obstacles that may arise and strengthen the trust and confidence in our selves

4.) we can connect more deeply with ourselves and others

5.) strengthen our emotional intelligence and learn to include our values, feelings and intuition when making decisions.