Introduction to Conscious Dance and Embodiment is a mini workshop that covers introductions to: Conscious Dance (genre, history, events), Embodiment and the Authentic Self, + tips, techniques and Q&A.
(Please note: this is not a movement or dance session.)


This info session is packed with information and offers a glimpse into some interesting theory. Many people find that it brings stuff up as they start of 'try on' these theories and discover how they apply to their own lives. If you would like to further explore how these new perspectives apply to your relationships, conscious movement practice(s) or personal sense of embodiment, you may want to take advantage of this limited time special offer:

When you book your Introduction to Conscious Dance & Embodiment session ($75)
add 3, private 1hr. follow-up sessions for an additional charge of only $150!


"I used to think my feelings, instead of feeling them, and then make myself wrong for having them. I was a little numb in my heart and body. And I didn’t know any of this until I took this session, and did some follow-up work with Jelena. My conscious dance practice certainly reached a much deeper level thanks to the session, and became an easily accessible source of healing, connecting with myself, and others. The dance floor is now a more obvious microcosm of life, where I get to play and process gently. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. The theories offered here explain for me so well what self and life is about. The embodiment techniques are an essential part of my daily tool kit. I rely on them to be present to my body and my day, and stay connected to my inner knowing. They are my life-savers when it comes to adopting healthier habits, and making decisions. It would have been helpful to be born with a manual carrying all of this information. I would call it: how to be a human, have a body, and still make it in this world. The group setting is a bonus, because you get to learn from each other’s experience, and feel connected. I would strongly recommend booking follow-up sessions with Jelena, and attending monthly support groups for further emergence of your authentic self, and long lasting change."
Nihan Sevinc