Purpose, Passion and Alignment is a workshop that looks at who we are and what/how we contribute to the world through our relationship with; Passion and the role of anger and desire, Alignment and the role of the Authentic Self and Values, and Purpose, from a personal, collective and spiritual perspective.

  • So that commitment become effortless (vs. a battle of will-power or discipline)
  • So that we can continue to work towards achieving that sweet spot in life where our outer lives matches our inner lives – there is a congruence between who we are and what we do
  • So that work no longer feels like work – what we do becomes a natural extension of who we are
  • So that we can enjoy an unshakable certainty about what we are doing because we know who we are, what we love and value
  • So that we can understand why we prefer/choose certain things over others
  • So that we can approach our own success, wellness and happiness from a holistic perspective

“Passion, purpose and alignment are everything to me. The rewards are effortless commitment, unshakable certainty, and a life that both reflects and deeply satisfies my authentic self.”
- Jelena Marda 2016