Purpose, Passion and Alignment is a workshop that looks at who we are and what/how we contribute to the world through our relationship with; Passion and the role of anger and desire, Alignment and the role of the Authentic Self and Values, and Purpose, from a personal, collective and spiritual perspective.

“Passion, purpose and alignment are everything to me. The rewards are effortless commitment, unshakable certainty, and a life that both reflects and deeply satisfies my authentic self.” - Jelena Marda 2016

This workshop is appropriate for people who:
1.) Want to explore who they are and what they want to contribute to the world
2.) Want to take a familial, cultural, embodied and spiritual approach to exploring these questions
3.) Want to explore these questions in an experiential, small-group setting
I hold a Diploma in Transpersonal Psychology and Counselling (3.5 yrs) and a BA in Applied Psychology.

In this work I draw on career exploration tools,
Transpersonal Psychology, Gestalt Therapy, Family Systems Theory, ACIM, guided visualization and my own professional and personal experiences.
These groups are not appropriate for people who are:
1.) working with drug and alcohol addictions

2.) working with violence or criminal issues, or severe mental illness

3.) children or minors