Dance Divine is a weekly, free-style conscious dance event where people can get out of their heads and reconnect with their hearts, intuition, community and Source. We do this by drawing on the therapeutic qualities of authentic movement, music, sacred space and connection.






Please read these guidelines before attending your first event….

Dance Divine events are adult-only (18+) and are drug and alcohol-free.
Dance Divine is an unfacilitated event. This means that there is no instruction and no choreography. It's a free-style dance event where we practice moving authentically. For many of us it is also a personal movement practice that we use to gain self-awareness, and as a way to move with, or through, the things we are feeling.
The music sets last about 1hr. 45 min. and have an emphasis on instrumental music from a multitude of genres. They start slowly, giving us time to tune into ourselves. Gradually the tempo picks up, through gently flowing to more percussive styles that eventually build to a cathartic peak with high-energy music. It then tapers off to a reflective, quiet ending.
We aim for a cohesive group energy and shared intention so please arrive on time and get grounded (exhale!) and warmed-up. The registration table is open for the first 30 minutes. We hold an optional closing circle at the end, as a way to connect and share, or simply as a way to honour our practice and 'close' as a group. 
As a form of ‘moving meditation’ we practice listening to our inner selves, and talking disturbs that focus and can cause us to ‘pop out’ of our body-based awareness. As an Authentic Movement practice, we practice speaking with our bodies. Therefor we refrain from verbal communication on the dance floor in order to maintain sacred space.
We are here to provide each other with a space where we can get out of our heads and into a body-based awareness, so that we can drop our guard a little bit and ease our self-consciousness enough to experience new movements, perspectives and feelings. Doing that can be therapeutic, and it can also feel a little vulnerable. It requires an absence of “inter-personal agendas” (people trying to get something from you, or give you something). To achieve this, we practice integrity, respect and self-awareness (being trustworthy) and encourage neutrality and friendship on the dance floor. This is not a pick-up scene.

Contact can be a powerful aspect of conscious dance and a good opportunity to practice self awareness and personal growth, however a
lways err on the side of caution when it comes to physical contact with others. Please:
initiate physical contact only with people you know
2.) listen to your feelings and communicate your boundaries clearly. D
o not expect people to have mind-reading skills; it is your responsibility to clearly communicate your “yes” or “no”
3.) pay attention to non-verbal cues in others; contact should be invited & accepted so
do not proceed without clear consent
4.) decline an invitation by using the “namaste” gesture to bow out, and a smile…

.) do not pretend to be offering support or practicing contact improv dance when you are actually trying to ‘make a move’ on someone. This is deeply unethical. People sense hidden agendas and get confused by mixed messages. Many people are a little wounded when it comes to love and trust. Let’s support each other to untangle those knots and rewire our systems so that we can accurately decipher the authentic from the inauthentic, instead of reinforcing old wounds and negative beliefs. Having non-verbal experiences of depth, safety and joy in a group of people can be very powerful and transformative. Ideally it will leave us with a renewed and expanded experience of trust and belonging.
(In regards to the unfacilitated format) …The relationship that I would you like you to foster the most is your relationship with your inner self. And I can’t do that for you. I can provide a safe space and I can provide an intention but I ultimately believe that it is the relationship with the authentic self, with your intuition, with your higher self - however you want to define that - that is the one we need to listen to and I see Dance Divine as being a container where people can come and practice that.
Jelena Marda